Yoga to You

In the old days, yoga used to be taught one on one, a teacher might be teaching a group of students yet each student is given a specific set of exercises depending on the types, mind/body conditions,  capacity and experience of the student.


The “Mysore” style of Ashtanga vinyasa practice that has enjoyed popularity worldwide provides a glimpse of this tradition, where each individual practices at her/his own pace while the teacher provides individual instructions and corrections.  


Each person is different, even the same person is not always the same.


Yoga to You

Starting today, Anvaya Yoga offers “Yoga To You” private yoga sessions at your home, office or the place of your choice, at your convenient time.

Yoga practice modified to reflect your physical, physiological and mental states at the given time.  A set of exercises made exactly for you.


Private yoga sessions whenever and wherever you want!


Reasons to consider private yoga sessions: 

  • A private yoga session you will be given specific exercises, modifications, and instructions tailored just for you, at your learning pace, whether your aim is to recover from a chronic injury, improve certain bodily functions or take your yoga practice to the next level.

  • You will receive full attention from the teacher to provide you with constant care, individual instruction and adjustments that are often not available in a group class, and to ensure your practice truly benefits the wellbeing of your mind and body, and develop the ability and awareness to engage and relax muscles and to improve the strength and flexibility you need most.

  • And last but not least, you will be free from the “competition” mentality that is so easily evoked in group class settings.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which areas are “Yoga To You” available?

Yoga To You is available in Dobbins, Oregon House, and Browns Valley areas.


What do I need to prepare?

A space big enough to place a yoga mat and enough space for the teacher to walk around you, plus comfortable practice clothes and a yoga mat. (I will provide yoga mat if don’t have one). 


How much does “Yoga To You” cost?

Your investment is $65 per one-hour session or $50 per one hour session when you commit three sessions per week.

Free in-house consultation.