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Pasvakona Vinyasa

This is a short practice I did at a step well in Jodhpur, just two minutes walk from the hotel.. the place is quite surreal and dreamlike. The two main poses (pasvakonasana and parivrttapasvakonasana) were held actively first before actually settled into their classic forms.

Active movement is a valuable lesson I learned from Simon Borg-Olivier of Yoga Synergy. The interesting thing is that there is certain laziness, often undetected, in the body regarding various external forces: the activeness in the movement often stop as soon as external help arrives (in cases of using one part of the body to push another part)... when forces such as gravity or body weight takes over, we are forced into postures we cannot get there ourselves... the absence of action on our end not only evokes stretch reflex but also invites injuries.

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