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Movement - Essence of Life

As heavenly bodies maintain vigor through perpetual movements, so does a virtuous man strive unceasingly for self-perfection! – I Ching

Bhagavad Gita has some of the best discourses on the merit of action as a manifestation of higher principles.

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna said:  Perform necessary action; it is more powerful than inaction; without action you even fail to sustain your own body. 2-8

Action imprisons the world unless it is done as sacrifice; freed from attachment, Arjuna, perform action as sacrifice! 2-9

In the three worlds, there is nothing I must do, nothing unattainable to be attained, yet I engage in action. 2-22

All living beings from plants to animals to humans engage in action simply to survive, yet there is more to action than merely “earning one’s living”, for action brings us more aligned with the higher laws. The perpetuate movements of our heart is only but one example of what life means to be. There is strength as well as joy in simply putting our best ideas into action and to exercise our gift through each of our unique being. In the end, this is what matters: “I have done what I can” rather than the regret that ” I could have done more”. And our success or failure is determined by no one but our creator.

This quotation from I Ching is China’s answer to the teaching of Krishna.

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