Move with Tanggao via Zoom



Move With Tanggao via Zoom


Series A: Move from the Core 


Tuesdays and Wednesdays

8 AM Los Angeles (4 PM London)



9 Am Los Angeles(5 PM London)

Donation-based (pay what you wish)


Develop core strength and mobility while enhancing the circulation of energy and awareness.

Improving your movement, gestures, and body expression through 12+ sets of natural core movements.











Series A:

Move from the Core - Practice and Explore

The core, located in the abdominal region, is our moving and instinctive brain, just like our feeling or emotional brain is located in the chest and our thinking brain is located in the head.


The core movement naturally occurs in all animals and children but often lost in adults of our age. When we start to move from the core, we have come to the driver seat (rather than pushing the car from behind). The whole body participates in such movement with harmony, efficiency, and ease.


Core initiated movement also addresses and answers perhaps an even more important issue other than core strength and stability: the core mobility, and gives the abdominal area much-needed circulation and massage, and most of all, it allows the diaphragm to move freely.


This video shows fragments of core initiated movement Inspired by the teaching and practice of Yoga Synergy as well as movement disciplines from East and West.



Series B: From Core movement to Vinyasa Practice

Coming soon! 















Series B: From Core movement to Vinyasa Practice

Make your asana practice an unobstructed flow...



Learn to use core movement to enter and exit yoga postures


 Make transitions between postures smooth and undisrupted


Create micro-movement to deepen the posture without over-tensing and over-stretching


Inspired by the teaching and practice of Yoga Synergy as well as movement disciplines from East and West. 


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