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Anvaya is a Sanskrit word implying both connection and separation. In Yoga Sutra, the term “Yoga”(connection) is defined as “stilling the fluctuations of the mind”(separation). 

Anvaya encompasses both attaining and losing Yoga and reveals a reality that Yoga is a moment-to-moment attempt to depart from the lower and ascend to the higher. In the Vedanta school, Anvaya signifies the all-pervasive nature of  Brahman, the Absolute, and our true Self, the Atman, become One.

In our practice, Anvaya signifies the perpetual movement and energy of heavenly bodies, as above and within ourselves, as below.




ArtAnvaya’s primary operation is Anvaya Yoga, a yoga school soon to be registered with Yoga Alliance. 


The style of practice and teaching of Anvaya Yoga is influenced by Chinese Martial Arts such as Taichi and Qigong, Freldenkarise methods, as well as the principles and practice of Yoga Synergy, established by Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier.




ArtAnvaya collaborates with theatre groups to host workshops that focus on movement training for performing artists. The training draws inspiration from dance, Freldenkarise methods, yoga, and Grotowski's acting methods.




Studio Anvaya is located in Dobbins, California, offering regular classes, including movement-based (vinyasa) yoga practice and baroque dance from the 18th century,  as well as private sessions in Movement Therapy and coaching for performing artists.